The App Store for the Web

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Earn a passive income by building web apps once, and selling them over and over.

Recurring revenue

Finally a way to earn a passive income. Your app is hosted and sold on Jumpstarter which means you no longer need your own infrastructure and you can skip building a payment solution.

Forget multi-user abstractions

All users get their own running instance of your application, there's no need to worry about scaling.

Push updates in real time

With the help of our unique hosting technology you can push updates to all users in real-time.

Use your favorite language

We offer a generic Linux environment which allows you to use the programming language you like. Initially we support PHP and NodeJS with SQLite.

Protected source code

Your app's source code is protected. It can't be viewed, edited or destroyed.


Install web applications with one click and access them from anywhere on any device.

Install apps with one click

Jumpstarter makes it easy for anyone to launch their own app instance without technical skills. E.g. web site, web shop, booking system, CRM, team chat, wiki, forum, you name it.

Start with a trial

Try any app for free during 7 days, no credit card required. After that you pay on a monthly basis. You may cancel at any time.

Access everywhere

All web apps are always online and mobile friendly which allows you to access them on any device, anywhere you want.

Easy to customize

Change the look and feel of your app, with easy editors, without programming skills.

Custom domain

Brand your application with a domain of your choice.

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